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Reverse DNS Search by IP address, mail server, or nameserver

Identify all the domains hosted on a given IP address, mail server, or nameserver.

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Reverse WHOIS Search
What is Reverse DNS Search?

What is Reverse DNS Search?

Reverse DNS Search is a web-based tool that lists all domains that have resolved to a given IP address, mail server, or nameserver at one point in time on the Domain Name System (DNS).

50 Billion+Domains and subdomains
21.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
10.4 Million+IP netblocks in total

Benefits and features

  • Detailed domain list

    Reverse DNS Search is connected to a passive DNS database that contains more than 2.3 billion domains and subdomains, assuring you of comprehensive domain lists.

  • Instantaneous results

    It takes mere seconds for a reverse DNS check to give you a list of all domains and subdomains hosted on the IP address, mail server, or nameserver used as search term.

  • Enhanced insights

    As part of the Domain Research Suite (DRS), access to Reverse DNS Search also means access to the other tools in the Domain Research Suite (DRS) package.

Practical uses

  • Stay cyber-secure at all times

    • Find all potentially harmful domains hosted on the same IP address or share a mail server or nameserver with known malicious sites.
    • Reveal possible attack vectors (e.g., hosts shared with vulnerable sites, etc.) in your network.
    • Identify all attack hosts involved in an event or incident.
  • Improve marketing results

    • Ensure your site doesn’t share an IP address, mail server, or nameserver with any other domain, especially a suspicious or malicious one.
    • Sever ties to a shared malicious IP address, mail server, or nameserver as that can result in blacklisting.
    • Observe competitor movements by monitoring domain additions to their known IP addresses, mail servers, or nameservers.
  • Protect your assets and brand

    • Enhance your domain reputation by making sure you don’t share IP addresses, mail servers, or nameservers with suspicious or malicious actors.
    • Conduct a regular inventory of your web infrastructure for signs of unwanted or unauthorized changes to mail exchanger (MX) records.
    • Spot domains that potential attackers own on hosts (i.e., IP addresses, mail servers, or nameservers) you share as these can damage your brand.
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