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Registrant Monitor helps you keep track of domain owners

Monitor all newly registered, updated, or deleted domain names registered by specific individuals or companies.

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Registrant Monitor

Registrant Monitor helps you monitor the activity of individual registrants and companies, as shown on their domain WHOIS records. Add domain owners to your list and proactively track related new registrations, renewals, and expirations. This is a great tool to keep a close watch on your competition.

10.1+ billion Historic WHOIS Records
582+ million Domains tracked
2,864+ TLDs tracking
10+ years of data crawling

Complete domain owner monitoring


Monitor changes regarding any registrant WHOIS field: name, email address, physical address, postal code, phone number, and more.


Now you can easily track all new registrations and renewals, as well as domain expirations, occurring specifically for your monitored terms.

Getting alerts

Be alerted via email every time a registrant in your tracker is active in the domain name space.

Practical uses

  • Spot registration trends related to a physical address or a phone number so you can check if a registrant uses more than one name or company.
  • Staying close on the heels of suspicious registrants by keeping tabs on the domains they register or drop is possible with this service.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by watching out for recent online acquisitions or modifications as they happen.

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Insights from Registrant Monitor are available as well via API calls. No complicated coding is necessary with our developer libraries.

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