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Reverse WHOIS Search by Registrant Information

Get a list of all connected domains with a reverse domain search query by owner’s WHOIS details.

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Reverse WHOIS Search

What is Reverse WHOIS?

Reverse WHOIS is the process by which users can find all domains containing specified search terms such as a registrant's name, email address, or phone number in their WHOIS records.

50 Billion+Domains and subdomains
21.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
10.4 Million+IP netblocks in total

An intuitive tool for doing a reverse domain search by registrant’s details

  • Identify all connected domains to a registrant

    Find all domain names with the same owner information anywhere in their WHOIS records. Check which domains, individuals, and organizations are connected.

  • Search whois by owner and get complete information

    Get the entire registration details or WHOIS record of domains associated with your search terms. You can tailor your request by searching using specific attributes.

  • Monitoring changes

    Searched domains can be monitored for any registration changes by adding them to Domain Monitor.

Practical uses

  • Reverse WHOIS data can help identify dangerous domain footprints linked to a cybercriminal, scammer, or spammer. It can be used in combination with WHOIS history capabilities to study historical domain connections.

  • Learn more about business prospects, partners, competitors, and their current activities by finding domain names connected to them as well as all corresponding WHOIS information.

  • With a WHOIS search by registrant name, you can uncover the domain portfolio of individuals and organizations infringing your trademarks with confusingly similar domains.

Domain Research Suite | WhoisXML API

Reverse WHOIS API integration

You can also search WHOIS by domain owner’s details via API calls. It’s easy to build reverse domain search capabilities with our integration options and code libraries.

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