Domain Monitor

Keep an eye on a domain by receiving alerts for any changes made in its WHOIS Database.

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Domain Monitor

Domain Monitor Tool helps you keep tabs on all the domains of your interest. By simply adding the domain names to your list, you can proactively track any changes made in your monitored domain’s WHOIS record.

6.7+ billion Historic WHOIS Records
582+ million Domains tracked
2,864+ TLDs tracking
10+ years of data crawling

Keep your finger on the pulse


Add domain names to the monitoring system manually or import the entire list of domains you want to monitor as a CSV file.


Tracking WHOIS record allows you to find out about the changes regarding any domain of your interest. You can monitor both existing and not yet registered domains.

Getting alerts

Stay in touch and don’t miss anything. Configure alert emails and receive notifications based on your preference.

Practical Uses

  • Spot impending drops or state changes of domains of your interest. Use alerts to prepare to take action on those domains.
  • Investigate registration properties of domains or portfolios of domains.

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