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Our Domain Research Suite (DRS) is a web-based enterprise-grade solution to search and monitor domain data.

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Find domains containing specified search terms in their WHOIS records

Reverse WHOIS Search helps you find all the domain names corresponding to a particular search term such as a person’s or company’s name, phone number, email address, or any other detail in a WHOIS record.

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Reverse WHOIS Search

Look into domain ownership history with WHOIS History Search

Get a 10-year perspective on domains of your interest and view all relevant historical WHOIS records.

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WHOIS History Search

Get all the key ownership data points of domain names

WHOIS Search allows you to obtain registration and ownership data for domain names and their IP addresses from WHOIS records.

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WHOIS Search

Find all the domains associated with DNS records

Reverse DNS Search is a fast and reliable way to get a list of all domains hosted on the same IP address, mail server, and nameserver.

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Reverse DNS Search

Can you register a domain right away?

Domain Availability Check is an accurate, real-time, and user-friendly tool that can answer that question.

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Domain Availability Check

Find all domains and subdomains of interest

Get a list of all active domains and subdomains that contain your brand or any trademarked or copyrighted term.

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Domains & Subdomains Discovery

Be the first to know about domain name events

Use Domain Monitor to check all happenings around domain names you want to investigate, track, or purchase.

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Domain Monitor

Check what registrants are up to

Monitor all the moves made by registrants of interest. Be alerted every time they register or drop a domain name or change its status.

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Registrant Monitor

Monitor specific keywords associated with your brand

Keep an eye on domain name registrations that contain your branded and trademarked terms. Catch abusers before they can cause you harm.

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Brand Monitor
4.2 Billion+Domains and subdomains
15.6 Billion+WHOIS records
20.7 Billion+DNS records
11+Years of data crawling

Domain research tools that fit your needs

  • Brand managers

    Protect your brand from infringement, phishing attacks, and other nefarious activities that could affect the brand you are managing or check on your competitors.

  • Domainers

    Assess a domain name’s worth using accurate and timely data obtained from its WHOIS record.

  • Cybersecurity specialists

    Precise and exhaustive data is vital for analyzing and preventing cybercrime. For cybersecurity professionals, domain WHOIS data can reveal essential clues.

  • Marketers

    Marketing researchers try to understand what consumers want. By using domain data, they can identify various trends in the online marketplace as a whole.

  • Law enforcement and government agents

    Those who work on the right side of the law need a place to start their investigations. Get a full portrait of malicious domain owners and their connections to other sites, companies, people, and so on.

  • Financial organizations

    Use domain ownership data to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, invoice scams, and identity theft.

Try API integration

You can opt to integrate our domain monitoring and research capabilities into existing platforms instead via API calls. Harness the power of our ready-to-use APIs to obtain access to our extensive WHOIS database using direct queries.

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  • 5 Powerful Use Cases of Domain Research and Monitoring Tools

    In today’s business landscape, it is almost impossible to be successful without setting up an online presence. What’s more, if you are launching a company or product, thinking about which domain name to use is a priority. In fact, it cannot be randomly picked as you must deeply connect with your target audience. But the domain registration market is highly dynamic, and it is advisable to secure domains of interest before someone else does. How can you do that?

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  • Monitoring Newly Registered Domains

    The first line of defense for companies that want to protect their staff or customers from bogus websites is monitoring domain names. Hackers will use variations of domain names to lure unsuspecting users onto portals whose purpose is to steal private information and drop viruses onto devices.

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  • Tracking Domains for Cyber Self-Defense

    In 2008, hackers hijacked, which provided online bill payment services and redirected traffic to a website in Ukraine. The fake CheckFree website downloaded malware on CheckFree customers’ computers. The malware stole usernames and passwords. Even worse, it infected the computers of customers of minor banks that had partnered with CheckFree. The banks’ websites had been directing their users to CheckFree.

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Add our suite’s full capabilities to your domain research and monitoring services under your own label with a custom URL.

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