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Are You Keeping An Eye On Your & Your Adversary’s Domain Activity? – Part 2

Are You Keeping An Eye On Your & Your Adversary’s Domain Activity? – Part 2

In the last blog, we discussed the various features of all the Online Monitoring & Search tools that you can avail with our Domain Research Suite. The next question is naturally, how professionals from different industries can take advantage of these power tools to enhance their domain research? So, today we will be covering several use-cases of DRS to help make you understand its importance in today’s day & age.

Protect Your Brand From Infringement

Your brand is your biggest and most valuable asset. Threat actors can use your brand to defraud your customers, partners, and prospects by exploiting their trust. It is crucial to address domain infringement and prevent brand abuse such as counterfeit sites, phishing pages, scam sites, malware attacks, spear phishing, etc.

Through Reverse Whois search you can find other domains (current or historic) that have your exact trademark keywords or even part of the keyword, quite simply. You can check the other domain’s Registration data to see who exactly is behind these infringing domains. Our tool also lets you quickly add these domains or registrants for monitoring, which will alert you if any change occurs in their Whois anytime in the future.

Besides this, proactively monitor your brand across the internet by adding your keywords to the Brand Monitoring Tool & get alerts of any newly registered domain names that contain them. Also, get notifications for dropped domains of your monitored keyword, just in case you want to grab them.

Furthermore, with Domain Availability check, you can always find if domain names sounding similar to that of your brand are up for grabs or not!

With DRS’s investigative tools protect yourself against loss of revenue and also keep your brand reputation and consumer trust intact!

Safely & Effectively Manage Your Valuable Domain Portfolio

Keeping a track of your domains is never easy, especially if you have a large domain portfolio to manage. You could lose your domain if a malicious entity dubiously changes your domain ownership detail or even if you forget to renew your domain name & it expires. Losing your domain could be a huge setback for your business. Especially with the kind of malpractices occurring on the internet, you definitely don’t want your precious domain name to land in the hands of any nefarious actor who is waiting to exploit the situation.

By automating your brand & domain portfolio tracking with DRS, you can get alerts each time any change occurs in the Whois record of your monitored terms. This will, of course, also include the expiring of your observed domains. This can be an excellent aid for taking immediate corrective steps & for keeping your domains safe and more importantly with you!

Keep Tabs On Your Competition

Effortlessly monitor your competition for new online holdings or know about changes in their existing ones. Gaining such competitive insights is good for businesses that want to stay a step ahead.

Keep track of your competitor’s brand keywords, trademarks, and domains to help get some idea on what new products or even regions they are planning to focus on in the future.

Get Intel For Your Domain Investment

Domain names are like the real-estate of the internet. With their increasing value, finding the right domain investment opportunities is the key to success for individuals or companies dealing with buying & selling them.

With DRS, monitor domains that you do not own but you might be interested in buying in the future, if & when they are dropped by the original owners.

You can also watch out for trending registration activity tied to specific words or phrases to make informed decisions before buying domain names for investment purposes.

Also, easily get information about the availability of domains with just a single click.

Aid To Expand Your Business

With the help of contact information available in the Whois records find out the owners of a website you may be interested in buying or maybe even collaborating with.

Various businesses can monitor certain keywords for newly registered domains & approach their owners with a specific solution that they could probably need.

Strengthen Your Business Security

Companies who are attacked often, can proactively monitor certain registrants for any new domain registrations & block them before they cause any harm to their brand. With timely alerts, you can react faster & be successful in warding off any threats directed towards your business.

Proactively Hunt For Online Threats

Track the origin and extent of suspicious domain activities by keeping a watchful eye on known or suspected malicious organizations or individuals. Some hackers have developed reputations or even profiles that enable Infosec professionals to keep tabs on their activities. Monitor & get timely alerts for newly registered, deleted or modified domains with any known bad connections. Discovering these networks of dubious websites can help in their possible prosecution and eventual shutdown before any harm is done.

Investigate Cyber Crime

Most types of cyber attacks leave a trail of network information evidence. A good technique for investigating malicious entities online is to find a pattern of behavior over time. Not only does this help correlate indicators of compromise, but also provides the context needed for identifying related or additional suspicious activities.

Using DRS, security teams can develop a suspect profile along with mapping its associated connections. By identifying a source & monitoring it, they can connect the dots throughout the course of their online investigation.

Build A Suspect Profile Post A Cyber Attack

Security Investigators often only has a single piece of identifying information to start with.

Reverse Whois is a useful place to start and can map any piece of registration data (i.e., e-mail address, phone number) to discover all the domains that a registrant either currently owns or has owned in the past. The various contact information from the Whois records can help pinpoint ownership or establish connections between domains.

If the current Whois record for the domain is fully privacy-protected, Whois History can be an effective way to dig deeper. Because many domain owners originally registered their domains without privacy in place, Whois History can sometimes uncover the real owner of a domain that is currently veiled by privacy.

DRS helps investigators to not only build suspect profiles but also once an identifying label has been established, they can monitor them for any future domain activity.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks have grown in scale more than ever before. Security teams can easily get key data of any malicious domain with its Whois data. By identifying a unique data point like an email or a name, they can monitor the keyword for any future activity. Whenever any domain name is registered with that keyword, investigators will get an alert. By verifying such new domains in time, they can quickly nip threats in the bud.

Shut Fraudulent Websites

Discover and take down fraudulent and unofficial websites by verifying the accuracy of its current and historic Whois records. Also, with the help of reverse Whois find its various connections as well.

By monitoring newly registered domains owned by known malicious entities, block them before they cause any harm.

Tool For Law Enforcement

By monitoring your brand keywords you can discover any trademark violations faced by your brand and in case of a legal recourse verify the ownership with current or historic Whois.

Also, law enforcement officers can solve domain disputes by checking various registration data to build their case.

DRS can be your one-stop shop for researching & monitoring online entities. What’s more, it is a great tool for professionals as well as novice users alike. You do not need to configure, set-up separate systems or software to access this online tool. All you need to do is register with WhoisXmlApi and access this comprehensive & easy to use web tool.

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