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WHOIS History Search

Find out all you have to know about the ownership history of a given domain name.

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WHOIS History Search

WHOIS History Search allows you to view relevant historical WHOIS records – and find out how a domain's ownership has been changing. For the past 10+ years, we have been tracking WHOIS histories of hundreds of millions of domains. These changes are parsed, processed and safely stored in our database so as to be accessible via our WHOIS History API.

What isWHOIS HistorySearch?
7.0+ billion Historic WHOIS Records
582+ million Domains tracked
2,864+ TLDs tracking
10+ years of data crawling

Detailed and accurate

Find out who was who

Get detailed 10+ years WHOIS history changes for the domains that interest you.

Get detailed information

Get all of the registration details or WHOIS record for a domain name.

Monitoring changes

Any field from a searched WHOIS record could be discovered with our other DRS tools.

Practical Uses

  • Use WHOIS History data to look up identifying information before privacy records.
  • Investigate the last public record to uncover how a domain's ownership has been changing.
  • Find out if anyone is committing online fraud or attacking the network. Use WHOIS History data to help identify the attacker.

API Integration

Integrate our monitoring and search tools into your applications. Get instant access to one of the largest databases of WHOIS data through the API access. Quick and easy integration in a few minutes, without excessive programming!

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